About Us

Consulting and Market Research

We at Great Wave Consulting (GWC) have used over 20 years of practical experience and market knowledge to build a dedicated team that propels your business forward using informed advice and detailed market research


With years of expertise in understanding Asian and other global markets, business structures and practices, GWC is a consultancy focused on helping businesses of the East and West connect and prosper.

Who We Are

We are specialists in market research and consultancy for businesses to expand and thrive in the Japanese and Asian markets. 


Great Wave Consulting (GWC) is inspired by the "Great Wave off Kanagawa" a classic "Japanese" woodblock print by artist Hokusai, we are high-knowledgeable and have years of expertise on Japan and its fascinating cultures and business practices. 

Our Mission

We work to help businesses truly understand and engage with the Japanese market.


Using tried and tested surveying methods and our detailed knowledge of the Japanese language and customs, we provide companies with informed advice that you can act on. 

What We Do

Using a combined approach of qualitative and quantitative market research methods, we provide your business with actionable advice that allows you to solve the problems of entering the Japanese market, engage with its consumers, and encourages development.

Entering the Japanese Market

As the world's third-largest economy and with a population of 125 million people, more and more businesses are working hard to capitalize on this as yet untapped market. 


However, many Western businesses, who have thrived in their own markets, fail to find similar successes, due to the inability to break past the bureaucracy of Japanese business and language and  cultural barriers.


Japanese customers can be very demanding and often have somewhat different tastes and needs than that of Western consumers. 


Therefore, Western companies must redesign or redevelop products to succeed when breaking into the Japanese and Asian markets. 


The first step of breaking into these markets is through developing a detailed understanding of the consumer's needs and how best to market yourself to them. 


This is where our team at Great Wave consultancy steps in, by using our detailed knowledge of the region as well as our expert surveying systems, we provide you with the information your business needs to enter and thrive in Japan and Asia. 

Our 6-d Process

We follow a six-step process that ensures all of our clients receive the best possible results for their business targets, which we have highlighted below. 


We outline your business goals and work closely with your team to understand your goals, aims, and targets when it comes to understanding a market. 


We define the best approach for your business in regards to the goals you wish to achieve and help facilitate the results you are hoping to reach by providing a practical outline. 


We design a detailed consultancy brief that gives you expert advice and actionable goals that will help you plan for the perfect market strategy for your business. 


We help you develop a viable approach that will give your business a wealth of information and allow your team to enter and understand the Japanese market on the best possible footing. 


We help you deploy a method that is designed to ensure longevity in the Japanese market and provide you with the means to counter the demands of the country's consumers. 


Our consultancy helps you deliver the best possible service for the demands of the market, thanks to the wealth of actionable advice and strategies that we build for you.