Multi-Country Surveys in Asia

Multi-country surveys in Asia will reflect distinct and diverse markets.

Multi-country surveys in Asia are an essential tool for market research. They allow businesses to gather data from a large number of consumers in a short amount of time, making them an efficient way to understand consumer trends and preferences.

Multi-country surveys in Asia
With nearly 50 countries and 4.5 billion people in Asia, there are many opportunities and challenges.


However, conducting a successful multi-country survey can be challenging. The multitude of countries results in different cultures, customs, and values, which can make it difficult to design a survey that is appropriate for all respondents.

Additionally, language barriers can make it challenging to communicate across different countries – not everyone speaks English.

Make your multi-country surveys easier

The Response:AI survey platform allows rapid multi-country survey production, fielding, and creation of actionable data and reports in one or multiple languages.

Response:AI will make it easier to distribute and collect responses from your respondents. It also provides features that allows you to analyze your results more effectively.

key tips to keep in mind when conducting a multi-country survey:

1. Be Aware of Cultural Differences:

When designing your survey, be sure to take into account the cultural differences between the countries you are surveying. For example, some cultures may be more likely to respond to questions about personal topics than others.

For example, in a multi-country survey regarding body image that Response:AI conducted in five countries, including Japan, Thailand, and China. The answers from Japanese respondents were significantly different from other countries.

2. Use Simple Language or Images:

When communicating with respondents from different countries, it is important to use simple language that can be easily understood. Avoid jargon and technical terms that might not be familiar to all respondents.

Images can replace text multi-country surveys
“A picture says a thousand words”

Video, graphics, or images can be uploaded to the Response:AI platform, allowing respondents to view your product or service concept.

A cutting-edge technology firm developed a video of their concept, and localized sub-titles and local narration were added for each country.

3. Provide Clear Instructions:

Make sure that the instructions for your survey are clear and easy to follow. This will ensure that all respondents can complete the survey correctly.

Response:AI’s survey interface is designed to be used easily, either on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. and respondents are provided with clear instructions, such as “Select the best answer,” “Select all that apply,” or “Provide an answer in the space below.”

4. Translation, Localization, and Testing:

Before starting a multi-country survey, we work with teams that are familiar with each country to translate and localize your questionnaire. This process ensures that the questions and terminology are translated appropriately and also retain the meaning of the questions. This process is key to help identify any problems with the survey design or questions – especially wording and terminology.

5. Be Patient and Be Prepared for Different Rates:

Collecting survey data from multiple countries can take time, so it is important to be patient and give your respondents enough time to complete the survey. Depending on the country, you may find that the response rate to your survey varies. Sometimes, sampling requirements need to be adjusted.

Multi-country survey dashboard

Once surveys are in-field, clients can view a dashboard to see the number of responses of your multi-country survey in real-time.

6. Review the Results:

Once all data from your multi-country survey is collected, it is reviewed by a team of experts and senior researchers to create a report that can be shared with your stakeholders – internally, with your business partners, and even customers. This will help you get the most out of your data and make insights that can help improve your business.


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